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About Us:

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Faces Modeling Troupe, Incorporated was established on January 20, 1997, on the campus of Florida A&M University. The founders of Faces were inspired by what they considered to be the true elements of modeling: Creativity, Precision, and most of all Originality. Their mission began with a vision to take modeling to a higher level, through photography, innovative fashion, unique mechanics and community service. Becoming incorporated was only a small step into converting Faces into a nation-wide organization.


Throughout our years of existence, we have grown and flourished to become, not only the most influential modeling troupe in the city of Tallahassee; but with chapters in Gainesville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Daytona and Jacksonville. Faces is the largest and most dynamic modeling troupe on the East Coast of the United States! Previously, the Tallahassee chapter served as a template for our future expansions. But as of today, we have seven chapters and are in process of expanding to other states.

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